How To Reset An Ambie Player

Modified on Sun, 07 May 2023 at 01:00 AM

The most common need to ‘factory reset’ an Ambie player is if the player is connected to your Wifi network, but the SSID (= the name assigned to a Wi-Fi network) or password has changed, which means that the Ambie player can no longer connect. 

Factory re-setting a player will allow you to repeat the Wifi set up process, in order to submit your updated Wifi details, so that the Ambie player can connect once again!

Please follow the instructions below to reset your player:

  1. Ensure the Ambie player is connected to power.
  2. Source a thin implement such as a safety pin or straightened paperclip. It needs to be long enough (5cm) to reach the reset button inside the raspberry pi (player).
  3. Using the implement, press the reset button through the small, recessed hole on the surface of the Ambie player next to the LED lights.
  4. Ensure you hold the reset button down until the light turns to yellow, then to green (normally around 10 seconds).
  5. Once this has been done, please reboot the player (you will need to unplug the player from the power, wait for 10 seconds and plug it back in).
  6. Once the player has been rebooted, the “Ambie Bridge c-xxx” network should have reappeared, which will allow you to set up your player with WiFi again.

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